At this moment you can only initiate test transactions, because we did not receive the payment of at least one earlier buy transaction. Please contact your bank; probably your payment order was not fulfilled by your bank or your bank performed a refund. For questions you can contact the Bitcoin Suisse AG support team.
You have successfully completed your first buy transaction. As soon as your payment has arrived on our bank account your limit will be increased. This will typically take one working-day. Thanks for your understanding.
We are currently in the process of reviewing your submitted documents. This process takes usually between 1-3 days. We will send you an email as soon as your documents have been reviewed and approved.

For each connected cryptocurrency address (f.e. Bitcoin-, Ethereum or Bitcoin-Cash address) you will received a so called “account code” by email. That 8-digit code (f.e. ZBXX1F5A) is then connected to your specific cryptocurrency address and to your bank account.

  • MasterPayment may only be selected once you have successfully completed a test transaction via a bank transfer.
Service fee 0.00
Subtotal 0.00
Estimated purchase 0.00000000

How it works:

Please use the related account code which was sent to you by email. By clicking on 'Review Order' the bank details for the wire transfer will be displayed. In case no bank transfer is executed afterwards, this order will automatically be cancelled.

Buy cryptocurrencies by bank transfer:

A bank transfer usually takes between a few hours (express) and 1-3 days (regular). Trades will be executed once the money has reached our bank and is entered on your account. Please note that this process can be delayed depending on the amount of trade requests.


We charge a service fee of 3% per trade (incl. miner fees).
You will receive a confirmation email that includes the transaction details as soon as the trade is executed.

Estimated purchase amount:

The 'estimated purchase amount' of the cryptocurrency is based on the current buy price. The final amount of the cryptocurrency you receive will differ from the estimation as the price of the cryptocurrency is determined once your order is actually traded. We lock the exchange rate and execute the trade once the money has arrived on our bank account and as soon as we enter it manually in our trading system.