Before you can start to sell bitcoins, you first need to complete a small test buy transaction. This is to verify your banking details.
You have successfully completed your first buy transaction. As soon as your payment arrives on our bank account you can start to sell bitcoins. This will typically take one working-day. Thank you for your understanding.
Before you can start to sell bitcoins, you first need to upload your FotoID. After it has been checked you can start selling bitcoins. This will typically take one working-day. Thanks for your understanding.

For each connected cryptocurrency address (f.e. Bitcoin-, Ethereum or Bitcoin-Cash address) you will received a so called “account code” by email. That 8-digit code (f.e. ZBXX1F5A) is then connected to your specific cryptocurrency address and to your bank account.

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Service fee 0.00
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How does it work?

In order to initiate a sell transaction you will need to send your cryptocurrencies out of your own wallet to the specific cryptocurrency address provided by Bitcoin Suisse AG which is connected to your account. Therefore, please use the related account code which was sent to you by email.

Confirmations on the blockchain:

When sending cryptocurrencies out of your wallet, don't forget to add enough network transaction fee (miner fees). Otherwise confirmations on the blockchain may take additional time which would lead to a change in price before your sell transaction amount is locked.

Payout schedule:

The traded amount will be sent to your bank account usually on the next working day after the confirmation of your trade. Processing of bank transfers is depending on involved banks.

What is the fee?

The fees are 3% (includes service fee & bank fee). You will receive an automatic email with all the transaction details.